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Several other players stood with their hands on their teammates' shoulders.
The Browns selected Manziel 22nd overall in the 2014 NFL draft.
Black Monday has come and gone, and a total of seven NFL head coaches have lost their jobs. Now the Eagles, Buccaneers, Giants, Browns, Dolphins, Titans and 49ers all have begun the search for the person that will bring them to their goal of a SuperBowl championship.
Known for his troubles off the field, Smith has garnered a reputation on risk versus reward. The players spoke openly about not focusing on Smith's past. The Raiders only concern is to win games, especially tomorrow's game.
After proclaiming that of course they're bringing back their offensive coordinator, the Jets show him the door. And a New York Daily News story has Jets players taking shots at their quarterback Mark Sanchez.
Now that the NFL's regular season has come to an end, some of this year's also-rans are already searching for new identities, new beginnings, and new management.
The Raiders lack a general manager and that was apparent. Hue Jackson, in his first year as head coach, appears to be one of the most powerful people in the NFL.
Raiders coach Hue Jackson, who fell to his knees buried his face in his hands after Matt Schaub threw the game-clinching
But are the Raiders ready to make a giant leap forward and win the AFC West? Raiders head coach Hue Jackson thinks so. However