Regifting is okay as long as your buying a sweater for a menopausal woman. With the holidays coming up, people are wondering
4. 10. 24. What are you thankful for? Tell us in the comments below. Below is a list of 25 comments that made us proud of
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Not Long ago enigma2 suggested that HuffPost make a space where it's easy for community members to share their favorite music. Well, here it is!
Do you have your own political music, limerick or poem that you've been waiting to unleash? Send us your ode to your favorite (or least favorite) politician below to be featured.
Below are some arguments from HuffPost Pundit users on whether the President's new stance lowers his chances for reelection. Who makes the strongest argument? Place your votes and give us your best argument in the comments below.
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It's been a lively week in the HuffPost Women comments section. From how people talk to single women to the downsides of
It's a rarity to see a constructive exchange between two people who have completely different points of view. I wanted to share this one between HuffPost users metallicdiva9009 and Catdog101 found in the comments of Janet Mock's piece on HuffPost Gay Voices.
If Sen. Bernie Sander's ran for president now, would it redefine the entire election?