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Religions also legislate marriage in order to legislate sex. But most ancient religious prohibitions against certain sexual
Mary Lambert isn't just open about being a lesbian. One spin of plucky single "Secrets" lays bare the singer/songwriter's struggles with weight, bipolar disorder, a dysfunctional family and much, much more. Says Lambert with a laugh, "I'm severely out!"
As a movement, we must free LGBT people worldwide and we need all our organizations to work together to make this happen as fast as possible. Lives are at stake.
I spent my 20's making no apologies for my overt sexuality. After all, if straight guys could construct their entire social lives around the hunt for tail, then why couldn't I? Especially since I was so good at it...
Though it's taken three decades, Jimmy Somerville is finally ready to realize his musical dreams. As he celebrates the 30th anniversary of massive breakthrough "Smalltown Boy," the singer prepares to unveil an upcoming disco album.
"I bought him a shirt, actually, in case he wanted one. Do you think he's a small?" NEW YORK -- Four members of the Westboro
Artist JP Moraga shares what LGBT Pride Month means to him.
Brandon Grant, Vice President of Impulse Group shares what LGBT Pride Month means to him.
Jimmy Lyons, Founder of advisorCONNECT shares what LGBT Pride Month means to him.
Fashion Designer Jerome Lamaar shares what LGBT Pride Month means to him.
I have to disagree with Mitch Kellaway's decision to stop blogging on Gay Voices. I'm sure he feels that it's the right decision for him personally, and I respect his choice and his reasoning. But rather than remove myself from the conversation by withdrawing as a blogger, I believe the opposite is called for.
After I saw you post a parody video (later retracted) in which a trans woman is murdered as a consequence for voicing her objections to offensive language used on RuPaul's Drag Race, I can no longer publish my writing on your page. This letter is my last blog post on Gay Voices.
"Today will go down in history as the worst day for LGBTQI identifying persons and human rights in general. The passing of the bill has caused significant panic even before its assented."
The South has evolved y'all. Ok, maybe that's speaking a bit prematurely, but on a recent visit to Music City, AKA Nashville, TN, what I found beyond the deep fried everything, was a city on the verge of being socially awesome for the gay community.
There are few things that get me as riled up as being asked, "If there's a HuffPost Gay Voices, why is there no HuffPost Straight Voices?"
Reflecting upon society's views of the humor they find in homosexuality; I wonder if this serves as an indicator of an acceptance of gays and lesbians, or if we are the butt of jokes that mask a level of uncomfortability with our growing equality.
It's a new year and many of us have big plans and dreams for 2013. Whether pursuing a new career or finding love, we all
Today, on HuffPost Gay Voices' one-year birthday, I'm not going to bore you with the tale of how we came to be. Instead, let's look at what's made the site so totally kick-ass.
Join us on October 3rd, at the Stonewall Lounge. Watch the debates with us, play our drinking game and tell us what kinds
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