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This will be part of our pitch for Greece-based venture capital. The rest is track record, pipeline, and team. ___________ Aristos
The country's official tourism ads are works of art.
Closed borders across Europe could leave many people stranded in Greece.
If we had these 365 days flash before our eyes, those that would remain in our memories would not be the days that burned up in political fever, but those that gave a platform to everyday heroes.
They defend the rights of those who are often stigmatized and ignored.
In the third episode of HuffPost Greece's video series 'Greeks Gone West,' we introduce Constantine A. Stratakis, M.D. D.Sc
In the second episode of HuffPost Greece's 'Greek Gone West' video series, Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft talks about how her
As Greece continues to struggle with debt repayments to its international creditors, there is much discussion in Europe about
We live in a time of international crisis and conflict: from the European financial crisis, which is robbing millions of young people of their future, to the conflict with Russia and finally to the bloody rise of ISIS. All this is dominating the news coverage worldwide. But the Huffington Post does not only want to report about dramatic developments. Our goal is a global network, with editors and thousands of bloggers who address topics which move people in their everyday lives. And this network continues to grow more and more.
The conversation starts here. It starts from the Acropolis Museum. From a place that stands a stone's throw from one of humanity's greatest achievements. From a place that converses with the past and the future.
There are millions of Greeks like me around the world, born overseas but drawn to our homeland. We grew up hearing stories from our parents and grandparents about our heroes and our history. And no matter our heritage, our accent, or our current address, we feel a special connection to Greece.
Until very recently, virtually no one understood the crucial role the Greek language played in Israel and America becoming two of the world's most prominent nations.
While Greece struggles to find its way out of crushing debt, this is also the moment for Greece to rediscover its true value and wealth as a treasure house of wisdom, or as as Will Durant put it, "the morning star of the western world."
I am certain that it will prove to be a vital instrument of pluralism and unbiased information that will serve the common good on both sides of the Atlantic.