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In the dark, senses are heightened. We couldn't see the landscape around us. Some blinded themselves with their hand held
I didn't know if I should dodge to the right or to the left. The elephantine rat was charging at me. I looked down at my
A collection of HULA MOONs can be found here on the Huffington Post or on Facebook. I left before he finished his sales pitch
Beyond the economic and practical benefits of the motorbike in Hawai'i, the thrills far outweigh the many dangers.
Aiming for extra curricular class credit, this abbreviated dissertation shall detail the economic, philosophical, lifestyle
I was seduced by the newsletter from the Honolulu Museum of Art. A big, feline eye with long lashes was winking at me. "The Hot Lava Hukilau, a Hawaiian-Style Burlesque Celebration." I asked myself, "By golly, what is Hawaiian-style burlesque? I'd like to know!"
The wild changes in the short history of the modern surf culture are widely debated, evidenced and documented, yet little has been written about the humor of the lifestyle. As the concept of the surf film was evolving, it must be noted that laughs and comedy gags were an integral part of the new medium.
With great respect to our responsibilities, I had curtailed early the shenanigans from the night before. Unlike my friend Dave, who perked up for a swan dive at 12:30 AM into the debaucheries of Honolulu's Chinatown. Last night, he had the look of a man possessed. Surely, he would be having a difficult time at the race this morning.
Such an august panel is to be cherished, for time is fleeting. The ancient legends will soon give way to the Baby Boomer legends and they to the X, Y and Z Generation legends. I shudder to think of the panel of the future Millennial.
Yes. It's true. In Hawai'i, everyone has six or seven jobs going at one time. It's the least you can do to scratch out a meager existence. Anything less, and you are popping a tent in a park.