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Location: New York City Position Type: Full Time About the Role: We are looking for a virally-minded content creator that
By the time I started learning to code, as a hobby, I was well into my twenties. I believe my computer science education started much earlier.
Innovation is like a gas, it becomes more powerful the more it is compressed. Our hope is that by making it easier for the builders in NYC to meet one another and exchange ideas, we can help this community grow even faster and accomplish even more for bringing our city, our country and our world into the future.
Today I'm delighted to announce the launch of HuffPost Highlights. At HuffPost, we now have over 70 verticals dedicated to bringing you the best of the web. And we realize you may not have time to read everything. So why not let the millions of other HuffPost readers find some of the best content for you -- the amazing quotes, eye-popping statistics, and inspirational insights that your fellow readers are sharing, tweeting, and discussing in conversations online and off? Starting today, you'll see great quotes in the module on the right side of every article page, and highlighted in yellow in the article you're reading. If you see a quote you like, all you have to do is select that text with your cursor and copy it, and your quote will be mixed in with all the other quotes displayed on Highlights -- our newest way to join the conversation.