For students who love video games, life can be a constant battle between making it to the next level and doing something
Nancy Gahles, a chiropractor and homeopath, noted that it's important to stay alert and do your own research, even if it's
April 5th marks the 40th anniversary of Dean Martin’s last episode of the "Dean Martin Variety Show." His daughter, Deana
Correction: A previous edition of this article stated that T.J. Warren averages over 25 points. He actually averages 24.8
The siblings also shared some of the most famous March 14 birthdays, including Albert Einstein, Billy Crystal, Quincy Jones
Ahead of the eighth season of "19 Kids And Counting," 20 of the 21-member Duggar clan joined HuffPost Live to talk about
"We're in an interesting moment in Washington where nothing's happening," Fineman said, ultimately calling it "a period of
You may know Lee and Morty Kaufman as the stars of the most recent Swiffer campaign, but we know them as the 90-year-old
Martin stayed true to her word when she shared two of her newest concoctions on set -- plates of candied sesame cricket stir
Yet another vehicle to get that magical caffeine into your veins.
Driscoll's blog not only connects families of children with special needs, but also aims to bring their stories to the forefront
Modarressy-Tehran brought up a particular moment in Bisset's speech that resonates with Third Metrics themes like compassion
"There are so many physical findings that we can observe and that can indicate potentially serious systemic abnormalities
Last Thanksgiving, 12-year-old McKenzie Lowe was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Her family is petitioning New
"We were foster parents, and in the process of fostering, we adopted six children," David explained. "And when you adopt
After meeting on OkCupid, online daters Clara Bensen and Jeff Wilson of Austin, Texas, decided to skip getting coffee on
While Borucki's family never openly discussed her background, other children singled her out for looking different. "I was
Meyer was conceived during a one night affair between her birth parents. Though the news was as much of a surprise to Jerry