The Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act would end coverage denials for treating birth anomalies, improving access to needed care for people with facial differences.
This global pandemic has revealed there’s already a virus inside some American forms of belief.
Celeste Jones is shooting boudoir photos to empower all women: “I wanted any woman to look at my photos and say, ‘She did it. I can do it too.’”
"It’s important to me that we find ways to uplift the stories of people like my dad: everyday people whose lives were cut short because our leaders refused to lead, putting politics above human life."
"I am screaming in my car, sobbing in my shower, staring into the darkness when it’s time to sleep. And I know that you are too."
"Each time I convince myself that this president cannot be worse, I'm proven wrong. Seemingly, there is no bottom for this man... and now my dad is gone."
I’ve been a fly on the wall when white people didn’t know anyone of color was looking or listening.
"As a solo parent ― one is solely responsible for the well-being of a child ― I feel as if I am excluded for the solutions our governments give us."
"After the initial infection cleared up in April, new ailments, combined with old symptoms, set in."