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This Easter, take a behind-the-scenes sneak “peep” at how marshmallow Peeps are born!
What makes the Passover Seder plate different from all other plates? The religious significance of each item placed on it.
"This is actually the fourth time this question has been up before a General Conference," Sahlin said. "The first time was
It’s called “The Lost Gospel” and it’s based off of manuscripts found in British Library dating back more than 1,400 years written in Syriac, the language spoken by Jesus himself. It claims Jesus had a secret family made up of two sons and a wife.
Sister Cristina Scuccia sings on 'The Voice of Italy.'
HuffPost Religion's Senior Editor is interviewed by NPR Host Krista Tippett on the continuing influence of the social gospel
Gay Pride, Mormons, Buddhists, circumcision, music, slavery and evolution. It has been a busy week on HuffPost Religion.
How harmless is it to post an article about why people should read the bible on a site devoted to religion? I did and it evoked more than 2,000 responses, most of them angry.
In my opinion, Atheists want to be well-informed. They want to know what the other side is saying, and then what they're saying next.
Jesus is in there, for sure, but so are many other things. Together, they make up the wonderful hodgepodge of traditions we Americans experience at December's end.