Moms and dads tend to describe the first weeks of parenthood as an exhausting, confusing, amazing, life-changing blur. But
Whether they are excited or dreading the addition to the family, meeting a new sibling for the first time is a big moment
"Autism means looking at the world through a magnificent set of lenses only he can provide," says mom Megan Kuecher, whose
The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers announced today the winners of its annual "Image of the
Earlier this month, Virginia passed a bill that will make the state the 48th to legally protect mothers' rights to breastfeed
In 1960, about 14 percent of single parent households were headed by dads. Today, that figure is up to 24 percent, according
We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share images that represent single parenting, and to tell us what the
To remember that strength, and to give current parents of preemies hope, we asked the HuffPost Parents community to share
Yes, this is parenting. Author Doyin Richards, of Daddy Doin Work, likely could have predicted the outpouring of awesome
Parenthood requires love, not DNA, the saying goes -- and those who have become moms and dads through adoption know it. Since
The questions frustrated Aliano, but they also served as inspiration for a photo series, which she named "Real Mother." Like
That's why families, medical professionals and advocates are Going Gold this September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
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