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The lives of sword-swallowing, tattooed, bearded women and giantesses reconsidered.
"We believe the house is a living, breathing thing, and we're going to see something."
"The scary part is that there's a possibility this could happen to you."
When Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez walks around his hometown of Maracay, Venezuela, it's pretty easy to track his steps
MORE PHOTOS Andy Golub Artist/Bodypainter/Founder Bodypainting Day If the city
The blade fell swiftly, and with one clean blow, severed both the head and the English monarchy.
We've got a bearded man who meets his bearded mom, a world-record lady beard and a coiffed competitor on this week's podcast.
"Dogs are true professionals, but cats are more like employees you would fire."
Our producer Katelyn Bogucki doesn't need body paint. She's already a work of art. Editor Jorge Corona and sound engineer