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"We believe the house is a living, breathing thing, and we're going to see something."
"The scary part is that there's a possibility this could happen to you."
When Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez walks around his hometown of Maracay, Venezuela, it's pretty easy to track his steps
I was only gone for a couple of weeks and look what happened. People started freaking out about topless women! So upon my
The blade fell swiftly, and with one clean blow, severed both the head and the English monarchy.
We've got a bearded man who meets his bearded mom, a world-record lady beard and a coiffed competitor on this week's podcast.
"Dogs are true professionals, but cats are more like employees you would fire."
Listen to the Weird News Podcast for a full conversation with Golub, Aponte and Alston-Owens. You don't have to strip down