The former first lady's impromptu embrace of the British monarch came during a G-20 reception in 2009.
When a young volunteer asked Trump for a hug, Trump obliged.
Pop superstar Pink’s heartwarming gesture to comfort a grieving fan will give you the feels.
This article first appeared on Forget four-letter words. I can withstand most swears, even inventive ones, with
Let love come in. Love more. Especially your loved ones. Tell your loved ones you love them. Words have wings. We all have
It seems to be a correlation between hugs and a successful career, a correlation that for many people is obvious. We know that hugs increase oxytocin, lower blood pressure, and decrease cortisol.
The world is tough enough. The world is hard enough. Hug the people you love today. Hug the people you work with today. Just hug one another. Let's take care of one another. It may be the thing that saves us.
Social gestures are important to feel welcome, express trust, show gratitude, and conclude visits with a hopeful tone. Find the best way between you and your doctor to have these feelings, but do not increase your risk of infection in the process.
Not even cats are immune to the appeal of a good old-fashioned hug. Watch this sweet kitty, Franzie, embrace his person in
I didn't know I was so bad until a coworker pulled me aside one day and gave me quite the intervention. "When you hug, Jen," he said, "You look you're in pain. Like a jellyfish is stinging you. Or someone is doing the Electric Slide on top of your toes."
The next time you're feeling the pressure to have an orgasm, or have more orgasms, or have a certain type of orgasm... remember that life offers you many forms of bliss.
The next day, only four sweat-soaked couples were left in a holding pattern, including Lorna Tulett, the star of BBC's "The
When it comes to avoiding the transmission of swine flu - without awkwardness or rudeness - perhaps the Samoans are best
A compromise: Can't these non-romantic hugs just be called "civil embraces"?