With an appropriately bloody and dashing full moon finale came the close of three amazing seasons of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, hands down some of the best television ever made in the history of the medium.
Most theater does not translate well into film. The film genre invites expansion and theater can feel claustrophobic. Unless claustrophobic is what you want as in the case of Roman Polanski's adaptation of David Ives' stage play inspired by Sacher-Masoch's novel, Venus in Fur.
Yes, I do realize that a TV show only plays once a week and that in itself shouldn't render one incapable of doing the chores
While Season 1 undoubtedly focused on the "bromance" between Will and Hannibal, Fuller told E!Online that Season 2 "is the
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Hannibal is a monster, of course, but Mads Mikkelsen's performance and the show's great writing for the character limned a portrait of a very human monster, one whose terrible actions begin in a somewhat understandable place.
In a short introduction for the webseries, Fuller explains that they've "cannibalized" the fourth episode because, "as the
We're only three episodes into the addictive first season of "Hannibal," but it's already become clear that being able to
Mads Mikkelsen is reason enough to watch this show. He's phenomenally charismatic as Hannibal Lecter.
NBC's "Hannibal" centers on Special Agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and forensic psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter's (Mads Mikkelsen
Watch out Dexter Morgan and Joe Carroll, there's a new serial killer in TV town: "Hannibal." NBC released a chilling new