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Trump revived unfounded accusations against Biden while making his debate demand.
“We had an opportunity to come out of the gate and do that and reach a much broader folk,” the Florida governor said on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show.
Trump made the comments on Wednesday to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt.
The former president called his indictments a “scam” and said he hoped the cases would be dismissed.
The former New Jersey governor puts the ex-president on blast.
The battle between the former president and his onetime acolyte is getting uglier.
The former president told radio host Hugh Hewitt that although he would be "entitled" to get back at his haters, "I wouldn’t do that.”
“He asked me one question, and I’d rather not repeat that question, because it’s a very scary question,” said former President Donald Trump.
Democrats have a window to potentially fill a Supreme Court vacancy. But it may be even narrower than they think.
The Republican Senate leader suggested he would rather let states declare bankruptcy during the coronavirus pandemic than receive federal funding.