hugh hewitt

The Senate majority leader voiced frustration over the moniker, given him for blocking two election security bills.
The conservative MSNBC contributor apologized after making the anti-trans comment on his radio show.
“We are on the precipice of turning purple, and we’ve got a lot of work to do" to keep Texas red, Sen. John Cornyn said on Monday.
The assault accusations against Brett Kavanaugh can be traced back to Chuck Schumer, the senator from Arkansas claimed.
Woodward told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he’d produce the tapes if asked.
"This is not my area of expertise," said the U.S. senator. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Forget restricting guns as a way to curb school shootings. "It's a Second Amendment right, not a Second Amendment suggestion."
That's the daily story today about Trump, who has managed to place obscene four- and five- letter words on the front pages of newspapers the day before a nationally televised debate with Hillary Clinton that he really must win to remain in contention for president of the United States.
He's referring to the president as the group's "founder" and Hillary Clinton as its "co-founder."
The conservative radio host is endorsing Loretta Sanchez in California's Senate race.
But he still thinks Trump needs to be more disciplined.