“All I could think about was this little boy in my doorway with his three bags... I knew I could never let him go."
Dennis Palumbo is a thriller writer and psychotherapist in private practice. He's the author of the non-fiction book, Writing from the Inside Out and a collection of mystery stories, From Crime to Crime.
There is also something about the old becoming new again for the audience. The mix is comforting, yet has that element of surprise.
A thriller is not a cozy mystery or a whodunit. It's a novel or play in which a threat to the life or well-being of the protagonist and/or other significant characters is paramount. Catastrophe will occur if the hero doesn't act decisively, and if necessary, with violence.
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"The world of investing can be a jungle," says Jordan Belfort. In this jungle, Jordan is king... drugs, hookers, gambling
My heart sinks every time I show up for a screening of some big summer movie (or any other movie, for that matter) and they hand me the 3D glasses.
With a cast of largely baby-faced actors, Jay-Z as an executive producer, and a soundtrack weighted towards hip hop and electronic music, is The Great Gatsby more for younger fans of Luhrmann's more boisterous previous films like Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet?
This commentary continues on my website. It's a way of ginning up revenues on mediocre action and animated films. It's also
"What? You and three other people?" That's what a friend of mine said when I told him I went to see John Carter.
In years when we can't afford to travel, we can still journey for a couple of hours for the price of a movie ticket. We can go to Paris, England, New York, Los Angeles, Sweden -- anywhere we please and enjoy a story, the scenery, and the music. All this without the cost, hassle and jet lag of a trip.
For each of this year's six Academy Award-nominated films that began as paperbound stories, we've found one reviewer who
"It's a wonderful time for Oscar, who will win?" Billy Crystal belted out, complete with jazz hands, at the beginning of
So, what if, in an alternate universe, awards season was a bracket-style tournament? Wouldn't that be more exciting then the endless parade of the same winners, time after time?
Going back to films, you have "Men In Black 3" coming out. Can you tell us a little about your character, Griffin? Is he
The 2012 Oscar nominations are chock-full of family-friendly films. From the magic of Martin Scorsese's Hugo to the swashbuckling