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Followers often cite the archetypal power of the Christian trinity. More universally, there is the utility argument -- that
"Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara, Simón Bolívar, and Salvador Allende all meet in Heaven." You'd be forgiven for thinking that was
2013-02-04-CTRlogo.jpgIt is too early to say how Hugo Chavez's passing will effect developments elsewhere in the region. One wonders first and foremost about the consequences on and in Cuba. It is a reminder to the Castro brothers that power is ephemeral.
And when countries are under attack, the space for civil liberties diminishes. Sometimes that's for legitimate reasons, and sometimes it's not and is opportunistic on the part of would-be authoritarians. But it's essentially a law of nature; it always happens.
This biggest story of the week in world news: Hugo Chavez died. Many mourned. Others celebrated. And the Venezuelan government
I asked him if it was true that he had ordered a delay in the evacuation of the Vargas region hit by the mudslide because it might interfere with the election he was in the process of winning. He didn't like that question. Then I asked him about improving relations with the U.S. That ended the interview.
Bertrand Russell once wrote about the American revolutionary Thomas Paine, "He had faults, like other men; but it was for his virtues that he was hated and successfully calumniated." This was certainly true of Hugo Chávez Frias.
Take a look at photos from the funeral in the slideshow below. Chavez died on Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. He
Former vice president Nicolas Maduro has taken leadership until the presidential election which will be called within a month
Citgo released a statement to KPLC-TV in Louisiana Tuesday, detailing its sense of loss for the leader, yet not directly
“You have got a sort of genie that has been let out of the bottle -- a mobilization of the lower class in Venezuela, people
Hugo Chavez's death rocked the world. Since being elected President of Venezuela 14 years ago he has been one of the most
The senior State Department official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the United States would like a "more functional
3. An opportunistic pragmatism The Venezuelan president carried out an ambitious petrodollar diplomacy on the South American
"I think there's a division within Chavismo right now, everyone has to be very prepared for unrest, instability," he warned
Venezuela has lost a brave son, and the world has lost a wise and revolutionary leader. ... He took a firm stance against
As long as the oil was flowing, it appeared Chavez would be able to hold onto power. But as he grew ill, it appeared that so did his country.
I found Hugo Chavez conflicting. In a strange way, he was extraordinarily easy to like, but of course many people -- both good and bad -- who rise to prominence can be that way. Chavez was larger than life. He was very engaging.
Voice of America reports Chavez's final burial spot has not yet been disclosed. Reuters writes that some observers speculate