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WARNING: Some Images Below Are Graphic Despite the military pomp, protests continued against the government of Chávez’s successor
Chavez, 58, died on March 5 in Caracas after a long battle with cancer, much of it fought in Cuba under the supervision of
This biggest story of the week in world news: Hugo Chavez died. Many mourned. Others celebrated. And the Venezuelan government
Poverty in Venezuela declined during Chavez' 14 years in office, dropping from nearly 50 percent in 1999 to about 27 percent
After Chavez's death on Tuesday afternoon, Ahmadinejad released a statement on Wednesday to announce a day of public mourning
As long as the oil was flowing, it appeared Chavez would be able to hold onto power. But as he grew ill, it appeared that so did his country.
I found Hugo Chavez conflicting. In a strange way, he was extraordinarily easy to like, but of course many people -- both good and bad -- who rise to prominence can be that way. Chavez was larger than life. He was very engaging.
Hugo Chavez's life is sure to be examined exhaustively for years to come. The rise of the late Venezuelan president will
“Socialismo o muerte” -- "socialism or death” -- was a fitting expression to remember a fallen president whose controversial
The announcement of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death Tuesday provoked a wide array of reactions from influential