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The 8 Things You Need To Know About The Venezuelan Protests Take a look at some of the most recent images of the political
Castro and Chavez forged a strong friendship and political alliance early in Chavez' 14 years in power as he poured oil and
This biggest story of the week in world news: Hugo Chavez died. Many mourned. Others celebrated. And the Venezuelan government
“You have got a sort of genie that has been let out of the bottle -- a mobilization of the lower class in Venezuela, people
Venezuela has lost a brave son, and the world has lost a wise and revolutionary leader. ... He took a firm stance against
As long as the oil was flowing, it appeared Chavez would be able to hold onto power. But as he grew ill, it appeared that so did his country.
I found Hugo Chavez conflicting. In a strange way, he was extraordinarily easy to like, but of course many people -- both good and bad -- who rise to prominence can be that way. Chavez was larger than life. He was very engaging.
Hugo Chavez's life is sure to be examined exhaustively for years to come. The rise of the late Venezuelan president will
The announcement of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death Tuesday provoked a wide array of reactions from influential
On Tuesday, Venezuela's Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced the death of President Hugo Chavez. Chavez, 58, had been
Hugo Chavez was many things to different people, and as such, the Venezuelan president's death Tuesday at the age of 58 sparked
President Hugo Chavez, the fiery populist who declared a socialist revolution in Venezuela, crusaded against U.S. influence and championed a leftist revival across Latin America, died Tuesday at age 58 after a nearly two-year bout with cancer. Vice President Nicolas Maduro, surrounded by other government officials, announced the death in a national television broadcast. He said Chavez died at 4:25 p.m. local time.
Earlier today, Maduro accused the United States of spying and said he was expelling an American embassy official from the
Chavez carried his in-your-face style to the world stage as well. In a 2006 speech to the U.N. General Assembly, he called
Vice President Nicolas Maduro, now Venezuela's de facto leader and Chavez's preferred successor, has also said several times