hugo schwyzer

Administrators at PCC released a statement Thursday condemning Schwyzer's behavior, and warning that it may be grounds for
Change within movements doesn't happen when parties just sit quietly on the sidelines. People aren't going to change their behavior, or be more aware of it, unless they are called on it. Some people may have gotten their feelings hurt last week, but I'm guessing that more people walked away learning something.
After "feminist" Hugo Schwyzer stated on Twitter that he'd been particularly awful to women of color, a social media firestorm ensued in which women of color questioned the inclusiveness of mainstream feminism. Is solidarity only for white women?
The data also make sense in light of women's financial realities. Women under 30 are out-earning young men in major metropolitan
Schwyzer gives his students the opportunity to talk about pornography in an academic setting for credit -- and yes, some