human connection

"I wish they would stop thinking their way is the only way, so on November 8th I will be more open to different points of
As Jack was walking away, I asked him to please stop by to say hi anytime he sees me working in the courtyard. I'm never
"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want," says author and
To prepare for the staged reading, on Friday, April 29th, I held a workshop with the students, where we discussed having music in the play. One of the students, Myriam (coincidentally, my mother's middle name), offered to look for songs relating to the stories in the script.
Let us be brave. Let us stay open to pain and hold space for what, ultimately, is not about pain as much as it is about love, connection, and life.
Trust me, I know it sounds counterintuitive -- but hear me out.
Emotional intimacy is likely the most important ingredient in long-term fulfillment. In fact, after using data from the longest
Also parents who show me kindness from their own actions towards others. A boss who admires who I am, a brother who encourages
I think the real potential -- the ability to inspire and enlighten -- comes not with the number of followers one has or the size of the audience they reach, but with the meaningful exchanges that can only happen when there is a well-trodden path from one heart to another.
One of the most powerful ways to build connection online is with a content strategy that is relatable, and builds trust and community.