human evolution

The discovery has been the subject of a contentious debate.
"Let’s remember this year that according to very sound scientific evidence, human beings evolved from apes and not the other way around."
Scientists say the iconic human ancestor fell out of a tree.
South Park is on the threshold of its 20th season: what is the source of its staying power?
Before you get excited (if male) or offended (if female), allow me to clarify: I'm talking about the romance novel, which
As a species, humans are heavily dependent on cooperation for survival; consequently, we don't want stories of our transgressions to get around, for fear of being ostracized by our social network.
"Their teeth are large and quite different in that they lack features typical of present-day humans and also features typical of Neanderthals."
There was once a man who lived in Dadri, an Indian town in Northwest Uttar Pradesh. Most people in Dadri are Hindu, but Mohammad Akhlaq was Muslim. One night, after he had gone to bed, one hundred men stormed his house, dragged him into the street, and stoned him to death.
Dr. Carson's description of evolution makes it fairly obvious that working on other people's brains has had little effect on his. His attitude towards the struggling immigrant makes it obvious he spent no time working on hearts.
The discovery that I may actually be accomplishing something with my language snobbery is a serendipitous result of our ongoing effort to find a workable theory of cultural evolution.
The brain scan of a fossilized monkey skull has given evolutionary anthropologists new clues into the branching of humanity's ancient origins and is rewriting the current understanding of primate brain development.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the legalization of contraception in the U.S., and the release of a Mad Max sequel with a woman in the hero role. What do these things have in common?
How many of us have wondered, to paraphrase Ursula Le Guin, why we huddle about the campfire? A recent study poses an answer to this question by looking at what hunter-gatherers talk about as they sit around the fire at night.