human genome

Disorders like depression and ADHD may be genetically linked to personality traits.
Such innovative approaches could make a huge difference to the way medical research is conducted, but they do largely rely on a suitable quantity of data to operate. So it's interesting to see the launch of Canadian genomics company DNAstack recently.
It may be true that we have entered the age of personal genomics, but we have only just scratched the surface.
As a result, genetics has been racing to catch up with human reality. On several fronts there has been progress, of a sort
Your brother recently died of a rare form of cancer. You know that he had been participating in a study on the genetics of this cancer, and that as part of the study, researchers promised that they would send him his individual results.
Our evidence, however, did not show that adoptees were any more likely than the rest of our sample to base important health
Scientists say ancient bed-hopping has left a mark on the human genome.
I was invited to speak at Singularity University's amazing Exponential Medicine event this winter, and it was one of the