human kindness

A story of a journey through peanut allergy treatment.
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When we hear stories of people paying it forward, or unexpected acts of kindness between strangers, we tend to spread the
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These people are using technology to save humanity.
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There's so much more to being a nurse than meets the eye.
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I invite you to join the movement Self Love Rising, which creates awareness on the power of loving yourself. Why? Because
At the age of 19 I was busy developing my own personality: likes, dislikes and strengths. But then, a car accident and month-long coma seemed to obliterate everything I had been. Beyond the obvious -- needing to learn how to walk again, talk, tie my shoes and cut my food, etc., -- I lost the things I identified myself by.
Today, I not only represent a result of the lifesaving capabilities of modern medicine, but also the hard work of my care
The highway can be a scary place, or, as one YouTuber reminds us, it can be a place where humans come together to help one
Maybe we aren't so crazy after all. One of Kai's little friends called Santa Cruz Nice-Land, and I cannot think of a better
While Florence Nightingale doesn't deliver joy, let alone build up laughter out of inadequate material, she would surely have been pleased to have Ma Joad tending to the poor in her charity hospital.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do something that will change your life in 72 hours. It will include questioning the status quo.
You never know how much good can come from a simple act of kindness. What you think is a small gift or gesture to one person, may mushroom into help for another -- and another.
Be thankful for your brain's supply of oxytocin, the celebrated peptide hormone that helps lubricate our every prosocial