human milk

In fact, this may already be the case with two nonhuman versions of oligosaccharides (touted for their "prebiotic" benefits
No one but the formula manufacturers themselves had done the research when, thirty-five years ago, on the advice of my pediatrician
'Being male in no way disqualifies me from adopting a pro-breastfeeding perspective.'
Recently, a handful of hospitals in NYC started offering something amazing to NICU babies: donor breast milk. It sounds weird to the unknown ear, I know. Donor breast milk? Why? How? I decided to research donating my breast milk, and soon after, found myself getting deeper into the labyrinth that is human milk. Here's five truths I found during the process.
Although milksharing is an ancient practice that probably dates back as far as humans do, many people today know little about it. I'll try to shed some light on three common misconceptions I have encountered in my own journey.
Would you eat fudgesicles made from cat milk? Or yoghurt cultured straight from the teat of an armadillo?
One New York chef is bringing new meaning to the term "milking" a situation. And how does it taste? Well the chef told Grub