human papilloma virus

The surprising truth about the U.S.'s embarrassingly low HPV vaccination rates.
A top surgical doctor in Australia says kissing can lead to the development of head and neck cancer.
Everyone rallied around Kelly and offered up support and prayers. Holistic treatments. Inspiring quotes, songs and videos. But true to her words, there was nothing that could be done and she died three months later.
No one wants to talk about it, but HPV (human papilloma virus) is common, sexually-transmitted, and can cause suffering and reduced quality of life. This is serious stuff, and you should take a moment to think about it now.
The scary truth is that many women don't know they have HPV. You may believe you aren't at risk anymore if you're married or in a monogamous relationship. This simply isn't true.
A debate that's been simmering over whether males also should be vaccinated for human papillomavirus, or HPV, could come
As long as you remain HPV-positive you have an increased risk for more than cervical cancer.
The 'Tree Man of Java' is officially looking for love, now that doctors have surgically removed some of the bark-like tissue
The protection of the vaccine is not perfect; there are at least 13 types that are known to be associated with genital cancer