human smuggling

"It is important that we now act quickly."
The gang gave fake asylum registration documents to migrants in exchange for about $3,400 each.
Dozens of bodies were found at the smugglers' jungle camps.
Much is said about the difficulties undocumented immigrants face due to the recent security measures taken in the Mexico-U.S border, but little attention is devoted to the role that Mexican drug cartels have played in reshaping the human smuggling dynamics in the last few years.
The Thai government's clampdown has toppled one pillar of this grotesque smuggling infrastructure, but the edifice still stands and the smugglers will seek new ways to exploit desperate people.
As Congress and the Administration consider proposals to eviscerate the heretofore obscure (now demonized) Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 (TVPRA), it makes sense to review the case for change and to query whether the proposed cure might not do more harm than good.
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They then used fake documents to go to their final destination looking for jobs. Illegal migrants paid the syndicate 200,000
PHOENIX - The number of so-called drophouses discovered harboring undocumented immigrants in the Phoenix area has decreased
The two Moroccan men were arrested, and the Guinean man was expelled from the region. Virtually every country in the world