human trafficking

The Marines were taken into custody in a "public display" at Camp Pendleton, California.
Many survivors commit crimes against their traffickers or because their abusers force them to.
The former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial nominee said women who choose sex work and trafficking victims forced into the industry deserve support.
The bill would require anyone guilty of paying for sex to be added to a public registry.
The billionaire has pleaded not guilty to two counts of soliciting sex at a Florida day spa that's involved in an international trafficking investigation.
Cindy McCain, the widow of Sen. John McCain (R), said she witnessed human trafficking by “a woman of a different ethnicity than the child” at the Phoenix, Ariz., airport. She later apologized for the mistake.
John McCain's widow said she witnessed a woman trafficking a child "of a different ethnicity" at the Phoenix airport. She later apologized for the mistake.
Two federal judges in New York ruled that sex trafficking laws can be used in lawsuits against the disgraced movie mogul.
The discussion surrounding international adoption has evolved since we adopted our twins a quarter century ago.
The move comes just two months after Trump signed the controversial FOSTA-SESTA anti-trafficking bill.
The babies were born to unwed mothers at a Missionaries of Charity shelter in India.
The pope said each country should take in as many refugees as it can "integrate, educate, give jobs to."
They're assumed to be criminals themselves, or can't get help in their own language.
Lawmakers' latest attempt to fight human trafficking could end up hurting voluntary sex workers.
A new law to fight sex trafficking targets some of the people it ostensibly aims to protect.
The president is using the specter of human trafficking to push his U.S.-Mexico border wall.
Pressure on websites to screen out ads could expose sex workers to more risks.
The country's law has become a tool to prosecute rather than protect sex workers.