human trafficking

The British singer called out the streaming platform for eroticizing "kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a "sexy' movie."
Kids are not being smuggled through airports and no one is trying to kidnap you at the grocery store.
Mia was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but alleges she was a trafficking victim who was forced to go along with a robbery that turned deadly.
Investigations into the trafficking networks have reportedly stalled due to pressure from government officials fearful of hurting Pakistan’s lucrative ties to Beijing.
“It is clear that ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein has consequences," the House minority leader wrote to the network's president.
Lici’s story of abandonment, coercion and exploitation shows the reality of sex trafficking in America.
The Marines were taken into custody in a "public display" at Camp Pendleton, California.
Many survivors commit crimes against their traffickers or because their abusers force them to.
The former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial nominee said women who choose sex work and trafficking victims forced into the industry deserve support.
The bill would require anyone guilty of paying for sex to be added to a public registry.