human trafficking awareness month

Motivated by this profound injustice that touches the lives of so many young women and girls at the margin, we at Rights4Girls
With domestic and international terrorism, refugee crises around the world, and a Presidential race filled with ugly diatribe dominating the news cycles, it seems there is no place for an issue like child exploitation in the news.
Most of the work currently being done by those who care for child trafficking victims is "rescue and rehabilitation" but precious little is done to interdict or disable the trade in and use of children for slavery, especially sexual slavery.
Designating a "Human Trafficking Awareness Month" thus not only ensures that issue of human trafficking is visible on the public radar screen, but more importantly mobilizes us to take steps to effect sustainable change in the lives of trafficked individuals across the world.
Pinchi -- who has since become a public advocate against the crime and a sought-after speaker -- had been lured into the
Abdurrahim, 18, of northern Bangladesh was eager to find a job and was heartened when an elderly man offered him an opportunity
If you want to learn more about trafficking or join UNICEF in their efforts to end it, more information is available here
Sex trafficking victims are brought to the city to work, and one survivor told the Times-Piscuyane that she was expected
"We're able to look at children in exotic places -- Cambodia, the Philippines, Nepal -- and say, 'How could parents allow
“In my work with water and women empowerment, you are constantly reminded of the security issues for young people, the risk
An estimated 5.5 million children worldwide are victims of human trafficking -- an absolute disgrace. What is even harder to believe is that thousands of these children are within the United States and child trafficking occurs within every single state.
All across the country, people are waking up to the fact that modern-day slavery is happening in their own backyards, and they want their elected officials to take action.
There is simply no justification for returning to the dark days when forced labor went mostly unrevealed, and vulnerable workers were forced to suffer in silence at the hands of their employers.
27 million people are "slaves." The Trafficking Victims Protection Act would protect and increase support for human trafficking victims, but Congress has let it expire.
Obama outlined steps to fight human trafficking in September at the Clinton Global Initiative, declaring that the White House