We are Humanists first because we are human infants first, insusceptible of further branding at that time. No infant is Muslim
Ancient and Renaissance Christian intellectuals claimed all that was beautiful and humane in pre-Christian Greek and Roman
4. Be open to the possibility that, even on important things, good intelligent people can think differently than you. If
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You pass through the long security line at the United States Capitol building in Washington, DC. While the line of tourists streams forward into the Exhibition Hall, you turn right, and head to the Senate appointment desk.
Whether you are a believer or secular, to gain a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life it helps to participate in civic engagement with others from your community.
Humanist inmates can now request time and space for activities, visits by humanist chaplains and access to literature and study materials.
I wish more atheists knew that Christians care very deeply about knowledge and truth. They are not stupid. In every group
Pet owners are rejoicing, and indeed even a nonbeliever like me finds it charming. Still, I worry: does His Holiness include bacteria? He had better, because bacteria are part of who we are -- a big part.
A hands-on doctor tries to get public officials to recognize infestations as bubonic and pneumonic plagues. Can a novel's depictions inform discussions about Ebola?