humanitarian crisis

The House speaker said Democrats are busy handling the humanitarian crisis at the border and that Trump's own party should address the E. Jean Carroll claim.
Michelle Bachelet arrived in Venezuela to meet President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who are fighting for control as nation faces crisis.
Actor Ben Stiller testified in front of a Senate committee, pleading with members to give aid to Syrian refugees.
Venezuela’s descent into chaos, which nearly culminated in an anti-government military uprising, has had profound effects on both sides of the border.
The port in Hodeidah is the main lifeline for food aid to a country where 8.4 million people are on the verge of starvation.
Iraqi women could have helped stabilize the country. Instead, they have been left homeless, widowed and impoverished.
After tough negotiations with GOP and Democratic leaders, critics of the military intervention got their first chance to debate it in the House.
The U.S. is considering sanctions against Myanmar as the Rohingya humanitarian crisis intensifies.
Top government officials are profiting as the nation spirals deeper into a manmade crisis.
This type of development response helps to prevent future crises and ensures more people move out of poverty and into a life
The latest movie in the Star Wars franchise will be released this week. We will once again learn that we live in a world
For the mostly Sunni rebel groups, the fall of Aleppo would deprive them of their last big foothold in a major Syrian city.
Accounts from eastern Aleppo, where the UN says at least 250,000 civilians are trapped with no access to the outside world, point to a dire humanitarian situation.
However for the affected populations trapped in protracted situations, the lifesaving assistance required does not vary according
Yahya's last answer was a sobering reminder that what we accomplished was remarkable-indeed I had never quite witnessed something like that in my life. Yet it was a drop in the bucket to what is ever-desperately needed-and what people suffering in Syria and around the world deserve.
The rate of recorded deaths in the Mediterranean has risen sharply this year, with more than 3,740 migrants drowning on their way to Europe.