humanitarian relief

The U.S. has pledged relief money to Rohingya refugees while urging “strong and swift action” from the U.N.
This Thanksgiving, in spite of the horrible news, I am following the wise advice of the psalmist and giving thanks.
How do we heed the advice of Mr. Gates and act today to enable the major leaps of the next decade that will save hundreds of thousands of lives?
But having passed across a border it becomes safe again for them to exercise memory. The air inside the reception hall at
I went to Haiti because I was fortunate enough to just lose some glass and personal items in the Northridge quake, live through something very unpleasant and then return to life.
Montani has little money herself and no training in humanitarian relief. She began her work raising money to buy school supplies
Disasters are often opportunities for good will and human empathy to get some momentum and move those in conflict in a healthier direction.
Once economic necessity lowers cultural barriers, women can use the opportunity to renegotiate power relations within the household and the community.
In addition to what appears to be large loss of life and injuries, early reports indicate massive infrastructure damage, including schools that have collapsed, homes destroyed, and hospitals overwhelmed.