The actress and humanitarian had a rebellious streak herself when she was younger.
Yesterday in DC, I had the honor of marching and protesting with hundreds of thousands of sisters and brothers from all over the country. Without a doubt, the event was feminist-centric, but as the people who attended knew, it carried an even broader theme: humanitarianism.
We celebrate the quantifiable healing power of music to re-stitch the soul, validate one's feeling and emotions, and cohere
The Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa (CIHA) Blog, at, has as its mission to "transform the phenomenon of aid to Africa into egalitarian and respectful relationships that challenge unequal power relations, paternalism and victimization."
"I believed in myself and I believe in the goodness of others."
Since their days as medical school classmates, Bashar al-Assad and Zaher Sahloul have followed rather different paths: one became a war criminal; the other, a humanitarian advocate.
The World Food Program USA, Catholic Relief Services and others are urging Congress to increase funding levels for Food for
There is at least one initiative, which George W. Bush started and Barack Obama has continued, that will endure as a bipartisan effort that helps define their legacies positively: America's role in drastically reducing malaria-related deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.
Increasingly, futurists are hoping that through politics, radical science and technology will gain a better foothold in society.
By Magdalena Mis More than one in 10 children now live in countries or regions affected by armed conflict, UNICEF said in
The Omidyars, through Humanity United, have already supported more than $50 million in anti-slavery efforts over the past
As Dr. Rick Sacra prepared to fly to Liberia to treat patients in the Ebola zone, he prepared for the worst. He sat down
"Planting and harvesting are being disrupted with implications for food supply further down the line. There is a high risk
Thus far, Milner said, gifts and pledges earmarked for the Ebola response have totaled about $2.5 million — compared with
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Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise He said preliminary reports suggest that "trade volume in these markets is half of what
Some celebrities want their privacy. Others take pictures of themselves shirtless in the sheets of their bed and want you
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Pomnyun has seen many South Korean activists give up, frustrated by North Korea's rejection of aid and by the seeming impossibility