What level of life have we reached when a new piece of technology (not that new, comparatively) can satisfy some unquantified
There is a clear choice now to either fully live into our relationships with each other across the planet, and with the planet
Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 88 years old yesterday but he was born while Gandhi was at Mani Bhavan orchestrating
Sood is also a huge supporter of Women's Empowerment world-wide through his work at WEDO, where he serves on the board as
During the same week of the report of the Muslim girl, which has now been discredited, I read a story of every-day valor
It's now been three months, and we've helped their family find part-time work, translating website copy from English to Arabic, and we learned that they celebrate Christmas and sent them warmth and love in the form of gifts and homemade Christmas cards.
Some of my students shared stories from decades ago. The acts of kindness were so small, they might barely have registered
What gives the belief in scientific-technological progress that extra influence? Other researchers have recently proposed
Now we all know that new communities, new ways of living, need new songs to sing. So I ask you people of Jesus, you sons
My father, E.G. Stassinopoulos, was a NASA Physicist for 47 years. At age 95, he is still actively researching and publishing through his Emeritus status with NASA. He asked if I might share the following essay with the Huffington Post's readers:
Let us choose civility over divisiveness, compassion over tolerance and love over hatred. Let us not lost faith in the humanity, decency, the goodness that still exists within each of us.
Be careful with your words, for once they are said, they cannot be undone.
What is your film about? By creating a situation that will raise a question or manifest a problem in the character's lives
Our global responsibility entails unpacking existing evidence of trends and current impacts, while also taking appropriate action. We have to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and look holistically and globally at economies, poverty, education, trade and human rights.
Jay Shetty encourages us to consider the ways in which technology affects our personal lives.
Jay Shetty encourages us to consider the ways in which technology affects our personal lives.
In a second study of over 500 undergraduate students, the same researchers found that people attracted to moving and meaningful
By Kevin F. Adler Mark was my uncle, my father’s brother. He was the most family-oriented member of my extended family. He