"Our research showed that when children interacted with MEDi, they were more cooperative in the procedure," Beran told CNBC
In addition to experiences, you could also share thoughts and feelings with your robot. “Right now, we can talk to our phone
According to an account, a creature with long, muscular legs, no hands, no face and knees fitted backwards was recently spotted in Ohio. The man who spotted the creature is also a former U.S. Marine, and a (former?) skeptic, according to his wife.
Imagine if your great-grandchildren walk over to the latest voice-controlled computer of their day and say, "I want to talk to grandma." In just seconds, a "virtual you" is projected into the room ready for a quick conversation.
Extraordinary things are extraordinary because they don't come along every day let alone three in a week. This setup does not appear to be optimal
Most of us have become quite friendly our high tech machines: bring on the dish washers, computers, smartphones, and even