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Humans of New York finally has its own love story. The popular photo blog, which shares New Yorkers' unique -- and often
All of Theimer's subjects in the series, however, are homeless. "What made you want to kill yourself?" Theimer said he began
On Thursday, President Barack Obama met with 13-year-old student Vidal Chastanet, who had been featured in the immensely
Two weeks ago, he got off the train in Brownsville and spotted Chastanet walking home from a deli. Their conversation was
"Some of the best interviews come from kids, because they are so unguarded with their responses," Stanton told The Huffington
On Thursday, the photographer posted a photo to his Instagram account of three Iraqi children playing in the mountains, where
The woman's story was posted to HONY's Facebook page on Monday. Within 24 hours, according to Mic, it had more than 1 million
If you've ever wondered how he does it, or have pondered how to replicate his success, the video above is for you. The concept
Stanton, who has no professional or academic background in photography, credits much of his success to using the social networking
When Stanton asked if he could share Duane's story on HONY, the cameraman shyly made one request. Then, the most incredible
Rayna Garcia, a 14-year-old from Miami, submitted a piece of fan art work to photographer Brandon Stanton's Facebook page
In response, Stanton started an IndieGoGo campaign, asking his fans to raise the additional $75,000 themselves. The account
Stanton told the Huffington Post "Brandon's work has emerged as a great way of breaking media-propagated stereotypes against
When news spread of the devastation to Zone A-- and in particular, when people saw images of the devastation there-- those
And the results are dazzling. We dare you not to peruse the photos section of the HONY Facebook page for hours. How do you