"Can humidity just like NOT be a thing for a sec my hair needs a breather."
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Humidity combined with hot temperatures makes the heat more dangerous. If the atmosphere is as warm or warmer than the skin
Curly hair and rain are about as compatible as fire and ice. Sure, there are plenty of products that claim to shield hair from every trace of humidity, but show me one of these alleged "game changers," and I'll show you some unhappy, frizzy testers. Being a curly-haired girl myself, I feel your pain. So I talked to a few experts and tested their advice on this rainy week.
Armpit sweat. Back sweat. Neck sweat. Eye sweat. WTF
London, England Chicago, Illinois Humidity can really ruin a good hair day. Depending on where you live, the website will
The air mass that will settle over the D.C. region has been responsible for excessive heat in states in the West, Great Plains
In case you haven't heard, it is hot. Really hot. Really, really hot. Seriously, if Congress' AC went out, we'd have a vote
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I left the sauna of the Southwest with much relief and returned home, only to find myself immersed in the steam bath of the Northeast. Or maybe I should say, "submerged."