"Can humidity just like NOT be a thing for a sec my hair needs a breather."
When it comes down to it, creating a more favorable, moist environment for the skin is a major key to staying hydrated. "Not
"It's not the heat, it's the humidity," people told me. And you know, I didn't believe them at the time, but they turned
Curly hair and rain are about as compatible as fire and ice. Sure, there are plenty of products that claim to shield hair from every trace of humidity, but show me one of these alleged "game changers," and I'll show you some unhappy, frizzy testers. Being a curly-haired girl myself, I feel your pain. So I talked to a few experts and tested their advice on this rainy week.
Armpit sweat. Back sweat. Neck sweat. Eye sweat. WTF
Depending on where you live, the website will generate a "hair forecast" for you based on environmental factors. So say you're
The hot-and-humid pattern will be in place into early next week, with some chances of rain through the weekend, according
And you know what that means! Animals are trying to keep cool and criminals are finding creative ways to steal swimming pools
Blood in the tiny vessels near the skin can dissipate heat into the air, if the air is cooler than the body. But that doesn't
I left the sauna of the Southwest with much relief and returned home, only to find myself immersed in the steam bath of the Northeast. Or maybe I should say, "submerged."