In a separate, in-depth study of 12 priests, participants reported that they felt pressure to be models of the divine. They
Thanks to this new direction in mindfulness research, we'll be better equipped to choose the practice that's right for us
The Trouble with Trigger Warnings, by Mariah Flynn: Can educators warn students about troubling content without discouraging
Keeping the peace • Developing humility early in a relationship may provide a storehouse of "relational capital" that can
Mindfulness practices of breathing, focusing, watching one's emotions, and managing our ego aren't complicated. These simple
The environmental issues we face bear on every other national concern. They are bigger than any one of us, and so require leaders to build policies and promote wide-spread actions that protect and support the health and welfare of the planet.
On Sunday morning, Rudy Giuliani had the unenviable task of defending Donald Trump following the release of a tape from 2005
Our over-confidence disappears through sharing and confession and we are much happier when we recognize this. It also gives us a mutual understanding and the serenity that comes from trust.
Even the best intentions can backfire. As if that weren't frustrating enough, sometimes such negative fallout could easily have been avoided with a working knowledge of cultural intelligence.
Among those potential benefits: Higher levels of compassion, fewer mental health issues, lower blood pressure, a greater
The vast majority of prosecutors are true professionals, keenly aware of their immense power and its consequent responsibility. They form accurate conclusions on guilt far more often than the converse. Still, cognitive bias and overconfidence touch us all.
With humility we may even experience the groundless ground from which all of reality arises and takes a particular shape
Timothy Garton Ash recently reflected on Isaiah Berlin and his commitment to value pluralism in the Chronicle of Higher Education
One obstacle runners will stumble upon is the unexpected DNF (did not finish). I have completed 13 ultras. I have had 4 DNFs. Each has taught me about humility, picking myself up and dusting myself off, persevering and plotting my next ultra. A DNF is not failure.
More than a quarter of all congregations experienced a conflict in the last two years that led some people to leave the congregation
I'm not saying that those things are not evidence of God's blessings in their life. But, I find it problematic that this is becoming the measure by which we perceive progress.
You don't have to hold a certain degree or title to gain respect -- it's mostly a matter of carrying yourself with class. Here are six reminders to keep you going strong.
Here are 3 steps we can take to rid ourselves of unrighteous anger: 1. Keep our mouths shut even when our hearts are stirred