I believe that rather than dismissing so many of our countrymen as incorrigible, we must address legitimate grievances such
"I’m like the hummingbird paparazzi, jumping out of bushes to take their photos."
In our care, of course, staff and volunteers replace those parents. The surrogate moms are tuned into kitchen timers which
Elizabeth Gilbert explains why some people are better off exploring than chasing.
A new study shows that the tiny birds' tongues are way more complex than we thought.
Our kids get it. Birds don't have a political party. This is not a Republican or a Democratic issue. It's a bird issue. And young people know it's their issue.
Years later, I was given a small gift of redemption. I hope sparrows fill heavenly trees and know I meant well and know that I hold to this day the lesson of the hatchling sparrow's unanswerable exit from this plain of existence.
That makes the hummingbird the first bird known to use its bill as a weapon. What's more, the finding has ornithologists
Every single day, an elderly man in Brazil is said to enjoy the company of a very special visitor. But though this video
The study also found that the aerodynamic performance of hummingbird wings is “remarkably similar” to that of an advanced
I'd like to think we mommas of all species share something in common: We watch out for our hatchlings.
"Don't hummingbirds remind you of your mom?" Atticus asks solemnly, sitting quietly next to me on a stone bench nearby the spa he has spotted.
"Here is a hummingbird nest my wife found," wrote the Redditor who posted the photo online on Thursday. "I don't think I've
Full Segment: Award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg joins us to discuss his new documentary 'Wings of Life." The film is narrated by Meryl Streep and explores the world of pollinating animals.
Whether your garden is a floral retreat or a source of food, you will need pollinators to ensure long-term productivity.