humpback whales

Of course, this is an awesome movie. It is made by the award-winning documentary filmmakers MacGillivray Freemen Films, the
But four distinct populations are still listed as endangered and one as threatened.
The idea of a road trip in summer can either make you cringe or bring joy to your heart.
Scientists aren't entirely sure what she is doing, but they have some good guesses.
One theory is that the sounds could be related to mating.
Don't you love seeing whale and animal rescues on YOUTUBE or tv or the news? I know I do. I especially enjoy the one where the whale thanked her saviors by giving them a breaching display for over an hour.
The humpback whale shot into the air a few feet off the side of the boat, so close I could see the barnacles on his nose
The stars aligned for this lucky photographer.
We are quite psycho with all our savagery to each other and to the Earth, but we must mobilize our cognitive, emotional, and executive functioning to figure this thing out rationally.
How does a 45 ton whale manage to rescue a 300 pound seal? Or drive off a pack of hungry orcas in an attempt to save a baby of a different species? The following two incidents reveal how humpback whales did both of those things, adding a whole new meaning to the phrase "gentle giants.'