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The odds of us getting over this any time soon are not in our favor.
The comedian hijacked the microphone while dressed as Caesar Flickerman.
The special effects used to climb the Wall are a bit reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence's bow and arrow in The Hunger Games
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Why do we seem to care more about imaginary people than real ones? Part of the reason may be explained with behavioral science. The "identifiable victim effect" is one of the strongest predictors of how much aid people will offer to others.
Congrats to the happy couple!
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Because you love "The Hunger Games" but want more.
New York
Each and every night of the week, Monday through Sunday, the city offers up tributes. As opposed to those from The Hunger Games, who hail from the 13 districts, our tributes hail from the boroughs -- Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and of course, Staten Island.
It's not exactly in Paris proper but in the close suburbs of the capital. The shocking view of the stark buildings is in wild contrast with the rest of the surrounding architecture.
Here's what you didn't know about that big moment.