hunger relief

It's a simple solution that has the potential -- the opportunity to help people facing food insecurity get more than just enough to eat, but to breakdown some of the barriers to preparing and consuming the healthful foods for herself and her family.
Instead of putting grain on barges and shipping them across the world, what if we could work with local farmers and buy fresh food in local markets and rush it into famine areas? It's about fixing broken policies, and also about things you and I can do.
Afghanistan has one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. As the country's future hangs in the balance with donor funding decreasing and U.S. and NATO forces withdrawing, the need for long-term, sustainable programs increases.
By taking clients at their word and allowing them to choose from an array of truly healthy foods, Arnold ushered in a new era of food banking, one that is more efficient, more nourishing, and more responsive to those it serves.
There are hundreds of pantries throughout NYC that serve thousands day after day after day with limited resources. Everyone is dying to know what we served the president, but it is these truly critical meals that never make the news.