hunger strike

More than 1,100 coronavirus cases and one death have been reported at the California prison. Infected inmates said they're protesting inhumane conditions.
The U.S. Department of Justice filed orders with federal judges last week that relate to non-consensual hydration or feeding for four men, according to a court official.
Community groups say the detainees sent jail officials a list of their grievances.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement says 11 detainees at the El Paso Processing Center have been refusing food. Detainees and attorneys say it's more.
Imprisoned human rights activist, journalist, and author Martin Gottesfeld wrote this article on the 55th day of his prison
Martin Gottesfeld's not backing down anytime soon in his fight to raise awareness around institutional child abuse.
Manning ended her hunger strike after the Army complied to her request.
“Until I am shown dignity and respect as a human again, I shall endure this pain before me."
Many contend their rights were violated in previous deportation decisions.