Mid-morning hunger is real. Here's how to keep it from derailing your entire day.
Nancy Lyons from Feeding Westchester shares how different food insecurity looks today.
How can the richest country in the history of the world that has an abundance of food have so many hungry people? Who are they? How can we change this grave injustice?
As the founder of a nonprofit, I'm constantly asked what will move the needle on social issues. Everyday, my colleagues and I at Minnie's Food Pantry work to provide healthy food to the hungry in North Texas.
The only distressing element about Hungry, the initial installment in Richard Nelson's new trilogy about the Gabriel Family of Rhinebeck, NY--a philosophical, political and round-the-block neighbor to his Apple Family--is that the author makes the whole thing look so effortlessly easy.
When I meet families who are hungry, I see an opportunity to not just feed their bodies, but to show them that someone cares and they will make it through the hard times, just as I did.