How can the richest country in the history of the world that has an abundance of food have so many hungry people? Who are they? How can we change this grave injustice?
As the founder of a nonprofit, I'm constantly asked what will move the needle on social issues. Everyday, my colleagues and I at Minnie's Food Pantry work to provide healthy food to the hungry in North Texas.
The only distressing element about Hungry, the initial installment in Richard Nelson's new trilogy about the Gabriel Family of Rhinebeck, NY--a philosophical, political and round-the-block neighbor to his Apple Family--is that the author makes the whole thing look so effortlessly easy.
When I meet families who are hungry, I see an opportunity to not just feed their bodies, but to show them that someone cares and they will make it through the hard times, just as I did.
Last year, Vermont Foodbank distributed 9 million pounds of food throughout the state. Yet the organization still struggles
It's been said that food is the way to somebody's heart. On January 26th, it will be the donation of food (muffins, to be precise) that will warm our hearts (and the bellies of hungry strangers).
Parents of a 7-year-old Washington boy are questioning why their son was told he couldn't be served lunch last month at school
For families who are housing and food insecure, taking advantage of grocery delivery services isn't easy. But there are ways to overcome those barriers, and low-income housing providers can play an important role.
4. Plan your treats. "Never run just to eat," says Sumbal. "Eat to run." If your intake supports your training, you'll develop
You proceed to count down the minutes until it's time to ditch the books and grab some grub at the nearest dining hall. Here's where the ten stages of the food coma become real.
The statistics on senior hunger and the personal stories behind the numbers are shocking, but that should be a call to action.
Caitlyn takes a look at the ten thins that "hangry" people do.
Are you sitting on the floor eating cold spaghetti from the fridge? You might be hangry.
You're pre-menstrual. Many women know this to be intuitively true, but there's solid proof to back up those PMS-fueled binges
Pick up some healthy snacks at the store. Stock your fridge, cupboards and office drawers at home and throw a few in your computer bag for travel or office drawers. The next time you feel yourself headed toward hangry, reach for a snack, and feel the positive energy melt it away.