hungry hungry hippos

We'll excuse you for thinking you can grab these Hungry Hungry Hippos and start up a game. And no, you can't actually play
Every parent, regardless of his or her values or disciplinary strategy, is guilty of pulling an occasional fast one, doing something a bit out of character in order to maintain their sanity throughout parenthood. And, I'm sorry to say, I'm about to expose you all -- or at least myself.
Represents: Ability to take advantage of scarce resources, willingness to use economic leverage, CAPITALISM. Obama's advantage
When we saw this wonderful, fake trailer this morning, we had completely forgotten that Hungry Hungry Hippos is actually
The movie The Hunger Games has inspired a number of mash-ups that mix the film with a certain children's game. It's time the meme was extended to the original novel.
With "The Hunger Games" coming out in movie theaters today, there's one question on plenty of peoples' minds (especially
To the Dreamworks production staff: We're so pleased to see that our Rock'em Sock'em Robots movie has done so well! We're sending along a few more original treatments for your consideration -- enjoy!