Hunter Biden

The president's son's claimed he is being prosecuted for political purposes, an argument the judge rejected.
The subpoena shows Republicans' impeachment inquiry chugging along even after it seemed to reach a dead end.
Asking Biden to testify, and getting mad when he refuses, may signal the death rattle of the impeachment effort.
The House Oversight Committee chair has been increasingly lashing out at reporters covering his impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.
The California Democrat told Republicans it's "time to pack it up" with their probe against the president.
Republicans have struggled to come up with evidence incriminating the president.
"With any luck today marks the end of perhaps the most spectacular failure in the history of congressional investigations," Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said at the hearing.
Neither Hunter Biden nor Devon Archer, one of Republicans’ top witnesses, will appear at Wednesday’s hearing.
The president's son could face trial in Delaware in the midst of his father's reelection campaign.
The president's son sat for a lengthy deposition last month, but he's apparently had second thoughts about facing Republicans in public.