Hunter Biden

The Texas senator is cool with classified documents at Mike Pence's house but not so fine with the ones found at Joe Biden's.
The "Late Show" host shows how the new House speaker gave up his dignity in a deal with his party's extremists.
"The Late Show" host has had enough of Hunter Biden's laptop.
"I'm deeply underwhelmed," tweeted Seb Gorka about leaked Twitter files concerning how to deal with the information.
House Republicans held a press conference to detail allegations involving the president's son and Joe Biden himself.
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) criticized his fellow Republicans after they announced a probe into Hunter Biden.
The president said he loved his son and was proud of him in his fight against drug addiction.
On his show, Sean Hannity aired a 2018 voicemail between Joe & Hunter Biden that showed how much love the President has for his son.
Many commenters applauded the president for being a good father after seeing the private voicemail message Fox News aired.
The charges potentially facing the president's son include committing tax crimes and making a false statement while buying a gun, The Washington Post reported.