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A man who’s been called “the most hated man on the internet” is going to jail for a very long time.
He later handed over the site's domain to an anti-bullying site. News of his arrest and indictment was first reported by
Kelly Hinson joins Ricky to share her story of finding out that she had become a victim of revenge porn and the steps she took to fight it.
Speaking with BetaBeat, Toups said that she was in a panic when she discovered the photos -- apparently uploaded by an ex
Moore has always defended himself from legal responsibility over the controversial content of his site through Section 230
If it works out, Moore probably can expect some success. Despite the Internet scorn thrown Moore's way, his devoted followers
It seems Taco Bell employee Cameron Jankowski has learned the pitfalls of posting images to the internet the hard way. Today's
After two years of public outcry and disgust, founder Hunter Moore put an end to, a site that allows disgruntled exes post explicit photos of their significant others.
Photos from the event: (Editor's Note: This video was sent to us by Hunter Moore, a student at Henry W. Grady High School