hunter s. thompson

“This is going to be a very expensive war, and Victory is not guaranteed ― for anyone," he wrote.
There will be no more elections or football games for a while. But off-season is only temporary.
Can't be a Gonzo journalist? At least you can be a Gonzo pothead.
Today's presidential hopefuls must jump through a series of hoops aimed at selecting the candidates best suited to serve
It's Evan Thomas' observational grace notes that deliver the complete Nixon. You've got to empathize with a guy who was totally helpless with anything mechanical and was comically clumsy while wrestling a lobster that clawed onto his suit.
The pizza joint next door does a good slice of violence. An argument mushrooms. The cops on speed dial and paramedics export an unsatisfied customer to the hospital. Something about pepperoni, some kind of insult, I hear a metal pipe over the skull settled it.
Edgy animation memorializes Studs Terkel's interview with the great Hunter S. Thompson.
Like most Midwestern college students, I wasn't encouraged to read Hunter S. Thompson in high school (something about making drugs look too fun.) So I discovered him through the guys who already had several of Thompson's books, as well as "Gonzo fist" tattoos and their own cigarette holders.
Here are capsule reviews of three fast-selling paperbacks by famous travel and guidebook writers: good, quick reads that pull the curtain back on a few of the travel industry's dirty little secrets and outright lies.