Public Lands Under Assault During the past two years, sportsmen's and other conservation organizations have helped defeat
Deer season opened here in Oregon on Saturday, two days after a shooting at Umpqua Community College left 10 dead and nine
Lions also have predators -- the most dangerous of them all is man. Cecil never attacked the dentist who ultimately ended his life. It was not basic survival for the hunter to kill or be killed. Cecil was shot by an arrow and suffered for 40 hours before finally dying. This is cruelty.
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Photo credit: Colleen Swan Becky Norton, a member of the Kivalina IRA Council and KRPC added, "Keep in mind that pretty much
The changing climate is forcing species into tough choices: adapt at record speeds to warming temperatures, die off, or invade new territory.
Guns shouldn't be in the hands of crazy people who are likely to use them to commit murder. But there are two problems with this emerging "national conversation" about guns and mental illness.
Unlike deer hunting, which benefits people, the land, and the surviving deer, no justification for duck hunting rings true.
Throwing open the gates to development and improper use of these national treasures is no less egregious than using the Declaration of Independence for a placemat.
Click here to read the “Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act” in its entirety. U.S. Senator Mark Udall has
Thousands of hunters of all ages are out in New Jersey's back woods for the state's first official 'bear hunt' in five years