"I may be broke before it's over, but I don't want to kill my deer."
Joseph Austin Smith died after the animal stepped on a rifle, causing it to discharge, according to the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office.
More than 50 House Republicans want to repeal a century-old excise tax on guns and ammunition that bankrolls wildlife conservation projects across the nation.
Riaan Naude, owner of Pro Hunt Africa, was reportedly found dead near Kruger National Park last month.
Hunting guide Wade Lemon used "a pile of grain, oil and pastries" to lure a bear that Trump Jr. then killed, authorities say.
The instincts kicked in unusually early during an attack on newborn gazelles in Tanzania.
"Nothing will dissuade the desire for more blood from our brother," said the leader of a Wisconsin Chippewa tribe, which considers the wolf sacred.
Hunters killed nearly twice as many wolves as the state allowed in February, reducing the population by a third.
Patrick Montgomery was on conditional pretrial release in Colorado when he violated the terms by possessing a firearm.
Newly discovered footage shows chief executive Wayne LaPierre firing four shots at the animal before someone else takes over and finishes the kill.