There’s something lurking in the California wetlands that threatens a vital water supply.
Organizers say the chance to share a hunting camp with Donald Trump's son is "truly priceless." Twitter users disagree.
Desire to protect hunter access appears to have more pull than concerns over trashed parks.
Wolf tourism is bringing more benefits than hunting.
Underwood is "not a hunting fan" but "opposites attract," husband Mike Fisher explained.
Steven Chancellor has been a big beneficiary of rollbacks of Obama-era prohibitions on hunting trophy imports.
Larysa Switlyk shot animals that are legally hunted in the country, but many still took offense.
Blake Fischer didn't apologize for killing the animals, just for posting the pictures.
Commissioner Blake Fischer bragged of killing at least 14 animals, including "a whole family of baboons."
The man shot the bear with a bow and arrow, then attempted to recover the carcass too soon, authorities said.
The men were captured on video camera installed by wildlife officials, say police.
The interior secretary knows David Spady, a longtime conservative media consultant, from Montana and has met with him regularly since taking office.
The interior secretary attempts damage control with hunting and fishing groups that didn’t like his fossil fuel focus.
The Yellowstone grizzly was removed from the Endangered Species List last year.
The proposal would allow hunters to kill bear cubs and wolf pups in their dens and shoot swimming caribou from motorboats.
Members of a suspected poaching ring allegedly killed hundreds of animals just for the “thrill” of it, then took macabre photos.
Fabiana LeFleur warned the suit has little support in the bosom, so wardrobe malfunctions are "inevitable."
The Vermont senator reiterates his call for an assault weapons ban while defending his record on other gun control issues.