Patrick Montgomery was on conditional pretrial release in Colorado when he violated the terms by possessing a firearm.
Newly discovered footage shows chief executive Wayne LaPierre firing four shots at the animal before someone else takes over and finishes the kill.
The Lone Star State has long muddled the line between hunting and farming. Now cloning may help game ranches breed big bucks.
Gov. Greg Gianforte violated his state’s hunting regulations to trap and kill a gray wolf.
Hunters blew past a cap of 119 wolves after the Trump administration ditched protections for the animals just last month.
Wolves lost protection in the last days of the Trump administration. Now hunters want their trophies before President Joe Biden changes things.
The president's son apparently hunted with a major GOP donor and bagged a rare sheep.
Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) appears to go hunting in a new advertisement. Now she’s being mocked because she doesn’t actually even have a hunting license.
The Republican lawmaker gets called out for “trying to portray herself as a hunter."
Conservationists are outraged after the end of a long-standing ban in the nation on trophy hunting.