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The sharks, estimated at 10 to 12 feet, were spotted roaming off Sunset Beach's shore, about 15 miles north of where a woman was bitten last week.
I will never give you the power to allow my heart to hate. I will never give you the power to control my emotions. I will not allow you to let my heart hate. Your actions, as repulsive as they are, will never change the person that I am. My character and actions are mutually exclusive from your propagation of hated and the sadistic manifestation of the feelings you harbor.
Take in the California coast by horse. Saddle up on Santa Barbara Beach Horseback Ride's relaxing excursion along Butterfly Beach or view the ocean from on high on their Mountains and Bluffs ride.
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“We saw many rainbows that day from the whales,” Hutain said. “It all depends on what side we were viewing the whales from
The record-breaking board was about 42 feet long, 11 feet wide, 16 inches thick and, according to the Huntington Beach Independent
Today, Atalaya hosts an annual arts festival in September, drawing fine artisans and aficionados from around the country. Here, we take a fresh look at the estate with more photos from our feature story.
Event co-founder Kelly McLemore told The Huffington Post it was the biggest turnout yet in nine gatherings. A total of 634
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Joey looks ferociously fierce on his shark surfboard. Tillman's really rockin' the wave during his run in the large division
Taco Bell's latest creation is not an obscene breakfast concoction, but a whole new restaurant. Will Americans pay $10 for
Conservation measures such as reducing the amount of potable water wasted on turf grass is a great start. Stormwater capture is another viable supply option we can explore that has positive environmental effects.
The other night, they walked the streets of Huntington Beach, California like an angry gang with their undergarments and
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It is not known what sparked the fighting, but police described the incident as a "major event." Once the crowd was declared
Susan Surftone started playing guitar in 1964 when she was nine years old, just after she saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show.