Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama's Nigel Shelby died by suicide last week, prompting an outpouring of condolences from human rights groups and celebrity allies.
The First Baptist Church of Huntsville handed out over 300 Publix gift cards to federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown.
Seven-week-old Toffee fell into a fissure in a backyard in Huntsville, Alabama.
Visitors get waterboarded, covered in tarantulas or locked in a coffin.
Donald Trump’s demand while addressing an adoring crowd of white folks in Huntsville, Alabama that the rich, white, largely
“Fake news. They won’t show this,” the president says as CNN airs a split screen to include the audience.
The incumbent senator is finding it hard to dispense with controversial judge Roy Moore.
Their first kiss as husband and wife was steamy. 🔥🔥🔥
In a state hit hard by opioids, abortion providers are scrambling to help women whose addictions make things more complicated.
“People think it’s okay because it’s legal and because [a fetus] is not a person, but they said that about slaves, too," a protester said.
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The Department of Justice launched an investigation last year into conditions at the state's prisons.
“We’ve got staff members that are principals, and [who] work in student support services, that are [...] involved in these
Investigators say suspects Carl Herold and Charles Dunnavant lived together in Huntsville and that the victimized child Herold's
In a story first reported by WHNT (see video above), the outreach started over chitchat at a Subway sandwich shop. Havens
One of the key areas where cities can promote sustainability is on the streets. By narrowing roadways and increasing the width of sidewalks, they can encourage more walking, higher population density as well as slow down vehicle traffic and generally make their streets more friendly to multiple types of users.
Indiana officials confirmed 13 deaths from the tornadoes on Friday, with four in Jefferson County, four in Washington County
And this is entirely appropriate. As I said, as one moves closer to the Earth in the Near Frontier, operations and activities